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Olympiad 2012-13


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Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad Foundation (EIOF) is an exclusive non-profit educational testing and assessment organization promoted by Eduranet Educational Society (Regd. 309/09), started with the vision to evaluate the students' intellectual capabilities and prepare them to become an efficient human resource of our nation by enhancing their Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Attitude.

Eduranet IOF firmly believes that every student must have a relevant 'knowledge' to become an acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles. To express or transfer knowledge a student must equipped with good ‘skills’ like Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Other than knowledge and skills a student must have rare 'abilities' like reasoning, logical thinking and creativity to differentiate with other in this highly competitive world. Even though a student has good knowledge, skills and abilities unless he develops positive 'attitude' he/she can’t move head in his/her life.

Eduranet IOF also believes that there are three different skilled professionals who can educate and train students in the most effective manner. They are experienced professionals from different industries, psychiatrists and academicians/experts on different subject matters. Professionals share their real time industry experiences with students to give the latter an exact understanding of the nature and effect of application of knowledge in their day-to-day activities. A psychiatrist can gauge the emotional problems of students and solve them by giving suitable suggestions and prescribing a specific course of treatment in the capacity of a counsellor. Academicians observe behaviourism, constructivism and cognitivism in students and impart education accordingly.

Testing and Assessment is very imparative for students to refine his/her capabilities. In the present education system the students have a very limited scope to enhance their talents as per the industrial requirements and exchange ideas with the students of same age group. This is the major drawback for which the majority of the students are missing in grabing the wonderful opportunities even thought they have good qualification.

To create a maximum scope to the students Eduranet IOF with its team of professionals from different instustries and academics has developed a strong curriculum to evaluate the students' multiple intelligence levels. This curriculum comprises different types of assessment parameters which exlore the students versatile talent and guide them to meet the global demands of the new millennium.

To make the students experiance with the Eduranet IOF curriculum we have introduced variety of intellectual competitions in three differnet groups and named it as a Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad.

Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad (EIO) is one of the successful 'Mega Events' of EIOF which creates a platform for the students of II - X classes (7-15 age groups). This Olympiad received an overwhelming response and astounding success. Thousands of students participated and proved their inherent talent and won awards.

The mission of Eduranet IOFis to develop human resources in all the required areas and make them highly skilled and qualified in every field of activity by providing 'Quality Education'.